Benefits of Sports, Health and Fitness

The importance of exercising regularly cannot be understated. It is necessary in order to improve one’s overall health and to avoid many unnecessary and debilitating illnesses. Exercising within a fitness regime can bring on many health benefits in people that are healthy, as well as those with suffering from chronic medical conditions. Physical activity can benefit anyone and affects various health conditions, but the specific benefits of each type of condition will vary dependent on the individual. While there is no exact minimum of amount of exercise that you should do each week, it is widely recommended that you participate in at least 30 minutes of somewhat intense aerobic activity. By this we mean, light jogging, and moderate cardiovascular exercise or brisk walking.There are many health benefits from actively engaging in sports health and fitness routines. First of all, they reduce the risk of negative health outcomes. As the amount of physical activity increases, due to greater frequency, longer duration or higher intensity activity, so do the health benefits gained. An aerobic routine is wonderful for increasing your body’s endurance. If you want to build resistance, then exercises that work on strengthening the muscles are what you need to do. Health benefits from sports health and fitness exercises are not only beneficial for older adults, but occur in children, adolescents, and young adults. Physical activity has been shown to benefit every racial and ethnic group as well.If your purpose in sports health and fitness exercises is to increase your endurance that can be best achieved from participation in cardio activity (also known as endurance activity). The purpose of cardio activity is to cause the person’s heart to beat much faster than normal. With muscle building activity, often referred to as resistance exercises, the focus is to build up your resistance by lifting weights or other resistance training. The other type of activity often discussed when talking about health benefits exercises is bone strengthening activities. These kinds of activities involve pushing force on the bones in order to promote growth and strength.Besides the physical benefits associated with sports health and fitness activities, there are also proven mental benefits to be gained. A decline in depressive symptoms has been shown in numerous studies to be a direct result of an increase in physical activity. These benefits do not take months to notice, but can be felt within weeks or months of the start of a sports health and fitness regimen.Even the risk of premature death has been proven to decrease as physical activity increases. Just small amounts of physical activity have been shown to contribute to a longer life span. You owe it to yourself, so you may live a stronger, longer and healthier life, to exercise on a regular basis. Just a 30 minutes fast-paced walk can have enormous health benefits. Obtain information from credible sources of sports health and fitness issues so you may start reaping the health benefits associated with increased physical activity levels.

The Key Ingredient To A Successful Health And Fitness Training Plan

I’ve been in the personal fitness training industry close to 20 years. A lot has changed in terms of health and fitness training, from aerobics to circuit training and everything in between. Even diet programs have changed. From non-fat diets to low carbs diets, it seems with each passing year there is a new fad when it comes to workouts and or diets. But one thing remains the same. The people who get the results they want are the people who log their programs daily. I call it, “keeping score”…. When we keep score, we try harder. The last thing we want to do is write down, that we didn’t do what we were supposed to do. Having it in the back of your head is one thing, but having it in ink, on paper, is a whole other can of worms. Have you every noticed that we keep track of our bank accounts and our car maintenance schedules better than our bodies? Why is this? Without our health, we have nothing.Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. If you know from day one that there will be challenges, start thinking of solutions in advance. For example, if you have a busy day or week ahead of you, plan your meals in advance. Also in regards to your fitness training schedule, maybe it’s best to wake up ½ hour early and do a short program before your day starts so you can cross it off your list. Quite often we get so wrapped up in our to-do-lists, we tend to put our “health and workouts” on the backburner. Even if its only 20 mins of activity, make it happen so you can feel proud of your accomplishment and good about keeping score – writing it down.One of the biggest selling points of keeping score is that it provides you with a roadmap.By logging your activities and your diet you can see what is working for you and what isn’t. It works as a feedback tool. So often I get clients discouraged by their results. They think they’re doing everything right, but the minute they agree to start logging it their program and diet, they quickly notice key changes that need to be made and voila, results!Consistency is key when it comes to your health and fitness training schedule. I promise you results if you follow these steps!I hope this helps to make your fitness and health regiment easy to incorporate in your daily life.

Even Camping, You Will Hear What’s For Dinner

How many times do you hear this statement? Even when on a camping trip you still hear this said, trust me! While camping is a truly fun and relaxing adventure for all involved one seems to forget that some chores never end. For example, cooking and cleaning, the chore most of us would love to eliminate. Unfortunately this is a dream that won’t come true. No matter what type of camping trip you take you still have to eat. Unless you plan to eat out every meal, then you still have to plan for your meals. That is where planning ahead will make your camping trip a very rewarding and relaxing event. The less work for you to do while camping, the better off you are.Every family is different, some like simple meals while others want full coarse ones. Whichever your family is always try and cut down on your work. Think paper plates and plastic utensils, most meals will taste just as good on a paper plate as opposed to a plate that has to be washed. Less work right, my point exactly.Now as we talk about the different types of families I will tell you mine is the one who wants a full coarse meal. If you ask my husband what he wants for dinner even while on a camping trip, rest assured he’s going to say Steaks, Shrimp, Ribs or even yummy Wings. Over the years of camping I have come up with recipes that complement the taste for all these foods while requiring little work prior to cooking them while on your camping trip. That means I’m still relaxing and enjoying our camping adventure but feeding my family with a full coarse meal. After the meals clean up mainly consist of a trash bag.Let’s start from the beginning on how I achieve these kinds of meals with as little work as possible while camping. With paper and pencil in hand I sit down and plan every meal. When I accomplish that chore I move on to what preparations I will need to achieve prior to going camping. After doing the grocery shopping, preparations begin. Most of your side dishes can be prepared before you leave home. A few examples of side dishes are potato salad and baked beans to go with your ribs or wings, or baked potatoes and salad to go with your steaks. Presto!Below are a few of my recipes to get you started on your preparations for a fun filled camping trip in which you can eat great with very little time spent preparing the meal at the camp site.Yummy Chicken Wings2 ½ lbs. of wings1 cup Dale’s steak seasonings1 pkg. McCormick buffalo wings seasoning mix (assorted flavors to choose from)Wash and dry wings. Place in Ziploc bags.1 Hour prior to cooking pour Dale’s seasoning over wings turning to coat well every 15 mins. Drain and discard after marinating. Sprinkle entire package of seasoning mix on to wings and toss well to coat evenly.Cook on preheated grill turning as needed until done.Remember to have wings ready and in Ziploc bags prior to leaving for camping trip.Homemade Hamburger Patties2 lbs. of lean ground beef1 small onion (chopped)2 eggs beaten well4 table. Spoons Dale’s Steak Seasoning½ – ¾ cup of seasoned bread crumbsSalt and pepper to tasteMix together beaten eggs, onion, and Dale’s seasoning in large bowl. Add ground beef and mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Stir in bread crumbs and mix well. Pat out into size of patties you desire. Cook or freeze for latter. If freezing, be sure and separate patties with waxed paper to keep them from sticking together.For camping all you need to do is take desired amount of frozen patties with you. Thaw them out and cook on the grill. What a great hamburger with little work at the campsite.Bacon Wrapped Stuffed ChickenThin sliced chicken (dark or white meat)1 pack of baconFresh Mushrooms chopped into small piecesShredded Cheese (your choice of flavors)Tooth picksLay your thin slices of chicken out flat. Fill center with chopped mushrooms and cheese. Roll up and insert a toothpick through it to keep it together. Take strips of bacon and wrap around you’re rolled up strips of chicken. Again use your toothpicks to hold everything into place. Grill until done.For your camping trip you have all the chicken prepared and ready to go on the grill.Baby Back RibsDesired amount of baby back ribsDale’s Steak SeasoningGarlicSalt and Pepper to tasteB.B.Q. SaucePlace the ribs in a large pot and cover with water. Add small amount of the Dale’s seasoning. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of minced garlic, salt and pepper. Bring pot to a boil, turn heat down and simmer ribs for approximately 1 ½ hours until tender but not falling off the bone. Cool then cook or freeze for later. When cooking put on grill for a short time to give grilled flavor while adding your favorite bbq. Sauce to both sides. Fall off the bone good ribs.For your camping trip you take out of freezer, thaw, cook and eat. How easy is that?All of the above recipes can be cooked on an outdoor camping grill or an open campfire using a good cooking-grate.This article was written by my wife, Cindy